Selecting a Roofing Contractor

Reroofing is a process you may not be familiar with until it becomes time to replace the roof on your own home. And even then, there’s a lot to learn about which products to use and what procedures best meet your individual roofing needs. Therefore, it’s vital to know that you can rely on the roofing contractor you choose to give you good advice about those products and procedures that may be new to you. The key is finding the right roofing contractor for your job.

That is why Pinnacle Roofing has developed in conjunction with CertainTeed this guide to selecting a roofing contractor. The questions contained in this guide are designed to help you determine the reliability, reputation, and experience of a roofing contractor; as well as his dedication to providing you with the best roof system possible.

A top-notch, professional roofing contractor will be happy to supply you with answers to these questions. And just as it makes good business sense to see several bids on your roofing job, it also makes sense to ask several different contractors these questions.

We’ve also outlined some important points to consider when you evaluate the terms of your proposed job contract.

Being confident you’ve selected the right roofing contractor will help assure that you have a quality roof overhead and that your hard-earned money has been wisely spent.

Selecting an Asphalt Roof Shingle

Pinnacle Roofing

Customers ask us for shingle recommendations and we always respond with the shingles that hold up the best to the weather and last the longest.  Shingle manufacturers used to rate their shingles as 25, 30, 40, or 50-year shingles.  The primary difference was how much asphalt and thick the shingle was used.

Nowadays, most shingles carry a pro-rated lifetime warranty. In turn, some manufacturer have trimmed their offerings and reduced the thickness and weight of the shingles.  In fact, when Consumer Reports compared the weight of a top-selling shingle from 10 years ago to today, it is nearly 30 pounds lighter per 10' by 10' square!  We have seen the heavier the shingle the better it will hold up to wind and protect the structure.

We have conducted shingle comparisons (see attached photos) and found that the CertainTeed Landmark shingle specs have not changed in the last ten years and weigh significantly more than the leading competitors.  In fact, it takes 7 bundles of competitors shingles to equal 6 bundles of the CertainTeed Landmark. See attached a photo for direct comparisons.

For architectural shingles, we recommend CertainTeed Landmark which is similarly priced but is significantly thicker and heavier to hold up better over time

Weather Considerations for Shingle Installation

Can you install shingles in cold weather?

Yes!  All shingles install fine if we follow installation guidelines.  However we do pick the warmer days during the winter to install.

The Landmark series can be installed 38 degrees and above, so some days we start when it might be in the high 20s to strip the roof and then install shingles in the afternoon when it is the forties.

The Northgate shingle is made in the Minnesota plant and designed for cold climates. It is a rubberized asphalt that can be installed down to as low as 0 degrees fahrenheit

Sometimes shingle do not always lay completely flat and the bottom edge does not always seal until the spring as the sun is low in the sky and doesn't warm the asphalt and adhesives enough. This doesn't impact the shingle as this is really for longevity and the manufacturer warranty is valid anytime of year we install.