Selecting an Asphalt Roof Shingle

Pinnacle Roofing
Pinnacle Roofing

Customers ask us for shingle recommendations and we always respond with the shingles that hold up the best to the weather and last the longest. Shingle manufacturers used to rate their shingles as 25, 30, 40, or 50-year shingles.  The primary difference was how much asphalt and thick the shingle was used.

Nowadays, most shingles carry a pro-rated lifetime warranty. In turn, some manufacturer have trimmed their offerings and reduced the thickness and weight of the shingles.  In fact, when Consumer Reports compared the weight of a top-selling shingle from 10 years ago to today, it is nearly 30 pounds lighter per 10' by 10' square!  We have seen the heavier the shingle the better it will hold up to wind and protect the structure.

We have conducted shingle comparisons (see attached photos) and found that the CertainTeed Landmark shingle specs have not changed in the last ten years and weigh significantly more than the leading competitors.  In fact, it takes 7 bundles of competitors shingles to equal 6 bundles of the CertainTeed Landmark. See attached a photo for direct comparisons.

For architectural shingles, we recommend CertainTeed Landmark which is similarly priced but is significantly thicker and heavier to hold up better over time. For more information on the check out the advantages and benefits of asphalt shingle roofing materials.