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Storm Damage/ Insurance Claims

Our Storm Damage Contractor Will Repair Your Wind or Storm Damaged Roof and Assist with Insurance Claims

We Evaluate If Your Storm or Wind Damaged Roof

Wind damage roof repair and storm-damaged roof repair as well as determine if repairs qualify the roof for insurance coverage. Pinnacle Roofing’s insurance claim expert come out and assess the wind or storm damaged roof. He determines that an insurance claim is recommended. We are skilled at weather-related insurance claim roof replacements. If you choose to put in a claim for your wind or storm damaged roof, we work with you and your insurance company. We ensure your claim is handled promptly and smoothly. The cost of repairs or roof replacement is covered by the insurance claim.

Storm Damage/ Insurance Claims
Storm Damage/ Insurance Claims
We Assist Filing The Claim For Repair or Replacement of Storm Damaged Roof or Wind Damaged Roof

Pinnacle Roofing dedicates time informing homeowners of damages. We discuss how to go about getting the damage fixed in a timely and professional manner. As a company that specializes in insurance claims, I am happy to come out and talk to you, inspect damages, show photos, and consult you on the condition. We will recommend the best way to go about getting any damages corrected. I have worked on several homes in the area and we have references and photos all throughout the Rhode Island area.

We work with the insurance companies adjustors. Ensuring all Rhode island codes are met with the updated roof is our priority. This happens because of our expert knowledge of the process. This assists in a faster response so the roof replacement may begin. It is important to know how to work with the adjustors. The adjustor first examines the roof damage and then he approves the cost of replacement prior to the work getting started. We follow the critically important steps so the insurance pays for all or most of the roof repair or replacement. The knowledge of this fact is one of the many very important facts one must know in having a roof replacement covered.

Call and have our storm damage expert take a look at your damage. We will assist you with your insurance claim, 401-268-7075.

Service Areas include, but are not limited to:

➤ East Greenwich
➤ Jamestown
➤ Kingston
➤ Narragansett
➤ North Kingstown
➤ Providence
➤ Saunderstown
➤ South Kingstown
➤ Wakefield Peacedale
➤ Wickford