Pinnacle Roofing is proud to serve North Kingstown, RI including the Davisville and Wickford neighborhoods.

Pinnacle Roofing is a local, licensed and insured SELECT ShingleMaster certified roofing company serving North Kingstown, RI. We can offer manufacturer labor and material warranties and can complete most roofs in just one day. As a certified local roofer, we specialize in complete roof replacements and are part of only 5% of roofers who are fully factory trained and certified to provide a long-lasting manufacturer-backed roof.

We install both residential and commercial roofs and our materials include asphalt shingles, EPDM rubber, silicone roof systems, skylights, gutter leaf guards, roof coatings, and rolled asphalt flat roofs.

We handle damaged by winds or storms as we have insurance specialists to ensure your claim is handled promptly and smoothly while completely covering the cost of repairs.

For the best roofer in North Kingstown, RI contact Pinnacle Roofing!

Is It Time For A New Roof in North Kingstown?

North Kingstown
North Kingstown

There are definite signs to look for in determining if it is time for a new roof. If you can see cracked shingles, curling shingles, sheathing, shingle or siding decay, these visual cues suggest it is time to call a professional from Pinnacle Roofing to take a look. Leaking in the attic after heavy rain, stains on the ceilings or walls, and blistering paint are also signs. If you notice the roofing granules in your gutters and downspouts or have high energy bills these are clues as well.

Kings Towne was settled in 1641. Later the town was split into North and South Kingstown. The town is situated on the Narrangasett Bay. The Naval Air Station was based at Quonset Point and the Construction Battalion (Seabees) was based at Davisville. The Quonset Air Museum and the Seabees Museum now commemorate their efforts. Gilbert Stuart, the man who painted the George Washington image that is on all the US one dollar bills was born in this town. Historical buildings such as Casey Farm and Smith's Castle help to tell the story of North Kingstown.

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